Take it easy!

«I used to take a thread as an object for my still life photos named Promises. The thread was key as the element binding or linking items together. But its role was equally to connect this world with the next one.

Recently, I switched the thread for the pen light for my new serie, on top of the table. It still symbolises the thread but it is much more convenient to play with. However, day by day my way to consider the light changed much.

I choose carefully the objects I display, from cups to fruits and daily supplies. Then, I organize some special settings like red or blue threads to signify wedding. Or I shape a snake with the light to mean temptation.

I intend to show this world life through both my objects selection and my light designs. It is probably because pressure creates so much darkness that the light soon becomes a source of meditation. Darkness implies hopeless and torture but even when it is deep dark, a ray of light can still brighten.

Once we know it, we can keep hope when the world is covered by darkness.

The light is shining in me sometimes strongly when I feel weak. So far as the light shines for me, I am no longer afraid about darkness or to fall down in the dark valley.»