Perfect Love

«The idea of the apple as a principal subject came to me spontaneously... and then apples began to haunt and inhabit my creations.

In the Bible the apple is the direct incarnation of the fruit of knowledge, the “forbidden fruit.” But symbolically this fruit primarily carries the original promise of Adam’s unconditional love for Eve which is the very essence of humanity.

This is what the “Promises” series through its different chapters endeavors to develop, much like a modern fairy tale.

This apple, an anthro-pomorphism of the human soul, is Adam or Eve, Eve and Adam.

The omnipresent thread in this series ties one life to another.

It also has the role of linking the different photographic environments to each other.

It’s not an accident if the first chapter of “Promises” is illustrated by “Wedding,” because marriage is the intangible bond that joins two beings together.
It’s this “promise” that unites them, but also imprisons them and confines them within a choice, for life but also for death. The bride’s veil, diffused with light in “Wedding,” becomes dust in “Old Couple.” It is both the blessing of time gone by and death’s tragic ash.

But the thread can also tie one life to another... then it symbolizes Ariadne’s thread, whether we grab it or not. It can be luck and salvation. It can contain the promise of rebirth, and bring an almost dead man into the arms of life... and bring the dead Adam back to life for Eve.»