«One particular summer morning, driving at dawn towards the west coast, I was surprised to find the road completely covered with fog. The atmosphere was strange and shrouded with mystery as nothing at all was visible on the horizon... and I was overcome with conflicting emotions. There was the excitement of discovery mixed with a certain fear of the unknown.

The ocean made itself known by the sound of waves on the beach. Everything was blanketed in a thick, deep, whitish cover. From time to time, this formless mass lifted to reveal the existence of the ocean or far off islands, and then the fog fell again, and incessantly it continued to rise and fall.

Finally the fog partially dispersed. At this very moment, when the tide began pulling the water out, a road, until then invisible, appeared. It was an endless trail, a path towards eternity imprisoned between the waters and the fog.

Our lives are like this road. The paths that lead us remain unsure. They take shape, sometimes confusedly, sometimes precisely. Everything waits to be revealed and it’s impossible to predict anything about our future.

The sound of the waves became increasingly muted. The ocean pulled back and the shape of the road became more and more precise. The landscape then appeared still and untamed. The ocean and the earth were inextricably mixed.

Very often a nostalgic feeling led me to the shores of the Yellow Sea to seek out this invisible route. During three years, the emotion I had felt for the ocean’s constantly changing face – sometimes calm, sometimes noisy - brought me a real feeling of harmony and serenity. Its endless mystery held an irresistible attraction for me as if I could hear eternity there.

I meditated there on my life’s meaning, on the dark times when the road is not visible, but also on the times when the path becomes clear and sunlit.»