His Secret

«After 1998, I lost interest in still life and continued to seek a new path. That's when I worked with flowers and the pigeon.

Still Life 2 began in 2009, and it is very different from the works I did previously. The themes have become more transparent; the camera has taken a step back so that it shows more space in front of it; and I want the works to stimulate imagination.

The materials I use can often have anthropomorphical meanings, or play a role of connecting and composing the meaning.

At the beginning I tried to make a line with light and use that for the connection, but later I changed to using a real string.

Inside the frame, the string plays the role of actually tying; outside the frame it plays the role of expanding the space as it radiates outward boundlessly. I am actually doing a performance with this string. I will be narrating my story for a while with the string as a medium.»