Poppy 08008

Reflections of Ourselves

«The Poppies symbolized for me the human beings life. I personified these poppies as various human figures because just like people, the flowers come in all kinds of shapes and colors.

I considered the flower petals as being person’s face and the stem as being the human body.

Then, I imagined a person standing lonely in a huge space, crossing darkness and light.

Dark areas at the bottom corners are the darkness that occupies our minds and the bright areas on top signify hope.

Through these photos, I wanted to show how bright rays of hope can eventually overcome our meaningless yet dark desires and despairs. There is no way for the contemporary human beings to measure the depth of their darkness.

I just hope that the darkness is not large enough to take over the whole screen.

The transparent red floating in the delicate gradation of hues leads the viewer into some surreal world and pull its attention with force thanks to the feats of radiating colors on minimalist background.»