«I've always had a special interest in portraiture, so much that for a long time I have been known and identified as a portrait photographer.

I began as a fashion photographer, initially for large Korean groups before going on to teach that subject at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

Beginning in 1988 I decided to make portraits of very famous people in the Korean art world. Not only had I always had the greatest respect and admiration for artists in general, but I also thought that musicians, poets, actors and writers were undoubtedly the most sensitive to my art form. In fact, some of my subjects became my friends after the photo sessions.

Most often, I photographed them in their usual environments, but when that wasn't possible, I invited them to my studio in Seoul, and then to the countryside after I moved, since I continued this series until 1997.

In 1990 the Soo Gallery in Seoul gave me a solo exhibitionas as well as the Dam Gallery in 1998, showcasing these black and white portraits of Korean artists.

Afterwards I continued and completed the photo series with portraits of politician and celebrities that I had met during photo shoots for popular magazines. I also became the official photographer for Mr. Roe, President of the Korean Republic.

As well, I returned to my natal village to photograph the people living in the country.

I stayed in San Francisco several months to take photographs of strangers with absolutely incredible style or faces that I passed on the street. Then I went to Brazil with the same goal.

Around 1999 I moved completely away from portraiture to devote myself to a different genre, black and white representative still lives. »